Sensory experiences in the UNESCO World Heritage Site

Sinneserlebnisse Winter
Sinneserlebnisse Winter

Enjoy the most liberating natural experience in the Alps at its most intense: that's just what the sensory experiences of the Aletsch Arena were made for. The natural phenomenon of this unique mountain landscape – including the Great Aletsch Glacier and its broad, sweeping view of the breathtaking Valais mountains – is the perfect setting for a programme of beneficial experiences and events in a magnificent natural environment.

Recharge your inner batteries at magical energy spots! Experience a totally new sense of freedom thanks to proper breathing and yodelling!

All Sensory Experience offers at a glance

  • Chasing Stars photography workshop on the top of Bettmerhorn
    One look at the night sky is enough to tell you that the starlit heavens over the Aletsch Arena are really something special. There is barely any ...
  • Natural energy and energy spots at the viewpoints
    The mountain ridge of the Aletsch Arena is a high-energy site, as has been shown by the measurements taken by natural energy specialist Philippe ...
  • Learn to yodel at a taster course
    Yodelling grounds you and has a calming effect. If you’re feeling tense, then yodelling can be incredibly liberating. Originally, yodelling enabled ...
  • Breathing courses – learn to breathe consciously
    The one-hour breathing courses are accompanied by the magnificent silence and awe-inspiring mountain panorama of the Aletsch Arena. Communing with ...

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Sensory experiences - Summer

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