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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Great Aletsch Glacier, get to the bottom of the uniqueness of nature, learn about traditions and customs or experience the beauty of the massive ice flow as a source of inspiration.

The Aletsch Arena offers more than just plenty of variety with its broad range of facilities and activities; the exhibitions, museums and multimedia present the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage site from the broadest possible range of perspectives.

Fascinating world of ice giants Glacierworld Bettmerhorn

Uniqueness of nature Pro Natura Zentrum Aletsch

Customs and traditions Alpmuseum

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    Pro Natura Center Aletsch

    Pro Natura Zentrum Aletsch
    Entdecken und erforschen Sie die Aletsch Arena mit Hilfe des bunten und lehrreichen Ausstellungsangebotes des Naturschutzzentrums!
  • Alpmuseum-Sommer4-Riederalp-Aletsch-Arena-s

    Alpine Museum

    The initiator and promoter of the museum in the “Nagulschbalmu” Alpine hut organises cheesemaking and butter churning demonstrations. Become a member and support the association!
  • Eiswelt-Gletscherfloh-Aletsch-Arena-s

    World of the Great Aletsch Glacier

    Eiswelt Bettmerhorn
    Visit the multimedia exhibition on the Bettmerhorn in the Aletsch Arena and find out more about the amazing Great Aletsch Glacier.
  • Chunschtspycher-Bettmeralp-Aletsch-Arena-s


    Want to visit interesting exhibitions or perhaps even make some art yourself? Make use of the diverse, creative facility and programme of events!
  • Mineralien-Bergkristallstufe-Sommer-Aletsch-Arena-Schmidt-Werner-klein


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