Suspension bridge Belalp - Riederalp

Adventure on airy paths

With a lenght of 124 m the suspension bridge is one of the hikking highlight of the Aletsch Arena. 

Starting from Brig, take the bus to Blatten and then the cable car to Belalp. From here on, you‘ll be hiking on a trail through the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage, over the suspension bridge and up to the Riederfurka in Riederalp.
After you reach the Hotel Belalp, it‘s an hour and a half hike down to «Aletschji» and over the «Leng Acher» to the 262 ft high suspension bridge that crosses the Massa gorge.

On the other side of the gorge you can stop at the Green lake to rest and have a picnic so you‘re ready for the two hours hike up to Silbersand and on to the Riederfurka, with a spectacular view of the Aletsch glacier all the way. From here you hike down to Riederalp, catch the cable car down to Mörel and then take the Matterhorn- Gotthard train back to Brig again.


Tecnical details
length of bridge 124 m
Width 1 m
Depth of the valley 80 m
Construction start


Hiking suggestion

Difficulty: T2 Mountain-Hikking

Open from the Beginning of June - End of October (wather permitting)

Spectacular suspension bridge trail - Blatten near Naters - Aletsch Arena - Bellwald 

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