Multi-day hikes – suggested hiking routes plus overnight accommodation

With over 300km of hiking trails, the Aletsch Arena is well-known as a hiking paradise in Upper Valais. Along the Aletsch Glacier, in the middle of the Aletsch Forest – one of the oldest and most beautiful forests in Switzerland – and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the hiking pleasure is virtually endless.

Here we have put together a selection of the most popular multi-day hikes with overnight accommodation. We particularly recommend the mountain huts, which make the hikes along the largest glacier in the Alps an experience to remember.


Hiking tip 1: Across the suspension bridge through Aletsch Forest to Lake Märjelensee

Day 1: From the suspension bridge over Belalp to Riederalp
Where to stay: Hotel or holiday apartment on Riederalp

Day 2: From Riederalp to Lake Märjelensee
Where to stay: Gletscherstube Märjelensee

Day 3: Glacier tour (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday, shortened from/to Gletscherstube) and then from the Gletscherstube to the Burghütte or alternatively from Märjelensee to Eggishorn and to the Burghütte
Where to stay: Burghütte beim Fieschergletscher

Day 4: Burghütte-Aspititter-Goms Bridge-Ernen-Fiesch


Hiking tip 3: Gogwärgiweg – Multi-day hike for families in Fiesch

Day 1: On the Gogwärgiweg trail from Fiescheralp to Fiesch

Where to stay: Hotel or holiday apartment in Fiesch

Day 2: On the dwarf-themed Gogwärgiweg trail from Lax to Fieschertal


Hiking tip 4: 6 days hike suspension bridge trail

A 6-day hike where you cross 5 suspension bridges. You can expect pure thrills and a multi-day hike of around 31 hours and 87 km in length.

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