Paragliding and hang gliding: take to the air

Gleitschirmfliegen Gletscher Aletsch Arena
Paragliding and hang gliding in Fiesch-Eggishorn

Circle like an eagle above the Aletsch Arena. In Fiesch-Eggishorn, a paragliding and hang gliding mecca, trained pilots are not the only ones who can take to the skies. Even beginners have the chance to experience the freedom and liberation of flight thanks to a number of local flying schools.

Newcomers to the sport can take to the air, safely secured, in a tandem flight with an experienced professional. And for those who then get the flying bug, taster courses are a great way to take in some more "mountain air". You can even attend pilot training for paragliders or delta wings. Special courses, such as emergency parachute training and thermalling, and Alpine tours are also available.

Tandem paragliding for families

Go up, up and away as a passenger on a tandem paragliding flight – a truly unforgettable experience where the whole family takes to the sky. Harnessed to an experienced pilot, silently you’ll circle high above the Aletsch Arena at altitudes where only birds normally fly. Seen from above, the houses, hiking trails, lakes and cable cars look like part of a miniature world – a breathtaking sensation. This incredible holiday experience will thrill young and old alike.

Suitable: for Children from age 3
Equipment: Hiking boots, windbreaker and long trousers


Flying schools

Start and landing fees . Fiescheralp

1 year 25
1 day 6
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