Data protection and fare regulations

Data Protection

The cableway companie Aletsch Bahnen AG is authorized to use personal details for advertising exclusively for their own purposes unless the customer specifically does not permit this. Photographs for ski passes/hiking passes/multiple-ride tickets for 3-21 days are automatically deleted from the system 2 days after the tickets expire. Address and photo details for season and annual passes and tickets are automatically deleted from the system 3 years after the last sales activity.

Family Specials

Adolescent rate
Adolescents up to age 20are entitled to a discount of 15% on the adult rate. ID required!

For families
Parents who must take turns taking care of their small children under 6 may taketurns using the same ski pass (1 to 21 days) with-out an increase in price. The same applies to one parent with a babysitter. A joint ski pass (with photos of both parties responsible for the children) will be issued. When purchasing a family ski pass (one or both parents) the 3rd child pass is free of charge (for children of the same family up to 16 years of age). Only one reduction per family.

Information on Rates

All ski passes except the individual area passes and point cards are personal and non-transferable.

Children under 6 years of age have free admittance to all facilities. ID required. Children between the ages of 6-16 years pay the children's rate.

Adolescents up to age 20

For all passes valid for 3 days or more, a photo of the bearer is automatically taken at the ticket office.

Random Day Pass
4, 7 and 10 day passes are available. An extension is not possible.

Misuse of Tickets
KeyCards are automatically inspected by our «hands free» system. The system sends a clear identification to the checkpoint.The misuse of a pass will result in its immediate confiscation without compensation and a fine of CHF 200.–. We reserve the right to prosecute any offenses in civil or criminal courts.

Advance Ticket Sales
Ski passes that are valid as of the following skiing day can be purchased one day in advance. Take advantage of our Saturday evening advance sales of ski passes at the ticket offices listed below!

  • Riederalp: Bottom and top station Mörel/ Riederalp
  • Bettmeralp: Information at the bottom of the chairlift Blausee Schönbiel (on request)
  • Fiesch-Eggishorn: Bottom and middle station Fiesch-Fiescheralp, Infocenter Fiesch

Groups and Students | Essential requirements to qualify for the group tariff:

  • Minimum 15 participants. 1 group leader card free for every 20 paying participants.
  • Arrival/departure together and accommodation in the same hotel/group accommodation. Meals in the same building.
  • Purchase of the same ski passes (same area, same number of days)
  • Written advance booking with details of the number of ski passes required in each category at least two working days in advance. Passport photos are not required.
  • The group leader collects and pays for all the passes
  • The group tariff is not available to families

Night Skiing

  • Riederalp: Tuesday 7:00–9:00 p.m., Alpenrose Trainerlift
  • Bettmeralp: Tuesday until 9:00 p.m., Chairlift Blausee
  • Fieschertal: Tuesday (only February), 18 - 20 h, skilift Blätz

A personal ski pass which cannot be used, whether due to accident or illness, must be deposited at the reimbursement office without delay. A pro rata refund is provided from the first day of deposit.

Medical Certificate: This medical certificate must indicate as of what day the party can no longer ski. We can only accept medical certificates from a local doctor. Fee: CHF 10.

No refund Conditions: Bad weather, operational shutdown, danger of avalanches, closing of ski runs, lack of snow, unforeseen departure, etc. do not entitle you to eligibility for refund or extension.

Day passes⁄Point cards: No refund or return

Ski passes 2–21 days can be extended only, one day after their validity has expired.



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