A single tourism organisation

The organisational structure of the Aletsch Arena AG comprises the following five business units:

Destination Management: The Destination Management business unit is responsible for promoting collaboration with and among the service providers and municipalities in the desti-nation, and for ensuring the integrity of the service supply chains in the Aletsch Arena, in particular, by operating the Contact and Reservation Centre and the Info Centre.

Market and Product Management: The Market and Product Management business unit is responsible for market development, sales and product management.

Marketing and Communication: The Marketing and Communication business unit is responsible for brand management, marketing and communication.

E-business: The E-Business unit is responsible for technical operations and the ongoing development of all information technologies and upstream data systems at Aletsch Arena AG, and, as such, is a driving force in the digital transformation of the destination.

Finance and HR: The Finance and HR business unit is responsible for finances and human resources at Aletsch Arena AG.

Board of administration
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