Herbal magic in the Aletsch Arena

“I live a life of luxury, I’m out in nature every day,” says Stefanie Mattig-Wirthner. She’s known as the Chritterhägsli, the herb witch. If you’re now picturing a stooped old woman with a checked headscarf, you’re way off: Steffi is 32, has two young daughters, and wears jeans and trainers. Like her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother before her, she roams the fragrant mountain slopes of her Valais home. There, overlooking the biggest glacier in the Alps, Stefanie finds everything she needs for her salves, oils, tinctures and teas: whether it’s the well-known varieties such as yarrow or ribwort, or the many small, unremarkable plants that most people pass by without noticing.

Stefanie Mattig-Wirthner offers exciting courses in summer together with other herbal practitioners from the region:

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