David Carlier - Giants in Motion

It is three years since Swiss photographer, filmmaker and adventurer David Carlier started capturing the glaciers for posterity. On foot, by paraglider and in his small Ecolight plane. In his project “Giants in Motion”, he showcases the beauty, immensity and vulnerability of those glaciers.

In 2019, David focused on the Great Aletsch Glacier, which he has portrayed in striking, abstract and powerful photographs. The various motifs are reminiscent of creased leather marked by years of use, of deep gashes in skin, or of a black-and-white interpretation of Edvard Munch’s The Scream or Mozart’s Requiem. There is nothing amusing about them. Then all of a sudden it becomes concrete: after the dramatic, graphical abstract style, David Carlier shows us his version of classic mountain photography: we’re at the Aletsch Glacier – the longest ice flow in the Alps – which the Swiss photographer has been documenting for years. From close up and from a distance, in formidable, powerful images, he portrays the dying giant in large-format photos. He sees his photography as a love letter to the glacier, telling of its beauty, immensity and unbridled power, as well as of its vulnerability, exhaustion, desperation – and ultimately, its surrender.


A photographic love letter to the glacier – or a silent cry for help?

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