Gletschi-Programm On the trail oft the Gogwärgini dwarfs

09:10 (We)
Address info
Aletsch Arena AG
Furkastrasse 39
3983 Mörel-Filet
+41 27 928 58 58

Together we take the train to Fiesch. In Fiesch we start our treasure hunt "On the trail of the Gogwärgini dwarfs". On the way we solve exciting puzzles which at the end result in a solution code, with which we can open the treasure chest back at the Infocenter Fiesch. Perhaps we will also see the Gogwärgini on our treasure hunt? Are you on our exciting hike? Take with you: Catering (food and drink) Walking time: approx. 2 hours, flat terrain

Meeting point Bettmeralp: 9:10 Cabelcar station Bettmeralp
Duration Bettmeralp: 9:10-16:00

Guide: Sabine Haldemann
Equipment requirements: good shoes, weatherproof clothes, lunch and something to drink
Registration: by 17:00 the day before | Aletsch Arena AG +41 27 928 58 58

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