Alpine plants and their kinship to people and animals

10:00 - 14:00 (Fr)
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Rita Weibel

+41 79 743 34 27

What do we humans and animals have in common with plants?
Do plants have a memory? Can plants communicate with each other? Did you know that in the past decade over 2000 new plants have been discovered every year and that more than 31000 plant species are used by humans?

This plant hike with Rita Weibel, a passionate excursion guide and graduate surveyor (ETH), immerses you in the fascinating topic of interrela-tions between plants, humans and animals. On the trail of famous plant researchers such as da Vinci, Goethe and Darwin, Rita’s entertaining and refreshing approach opens your eyes to many amazing insights from current research, such as the fact that the development of life on earth 400 million years ago split into two strands, and that living beings had to choose one of these two paths and thus developed into either plants or animals.

You can look forward to an inspiring time with the course guide and a colourful bouquet of unexpected insights. You might even discover your favourite flower as you go!

Alpine plants and their kinship to people and animals Riederalp
Dates: on Fridays, 21 June | 26 July | 20 September 2019, further dates on request
Duration: 4 hours
Meeting point: 10:00 h in front of the Shopping Olympia opposite the mountain station Riederalp West
Guide: Rita Weibel, graduate surveyor ETH Zurich
Cost: free of charge, collection
Registration: until the day before at 18:00 h | Rita Weibel | | +41 79 743 34 27

Hiking route
Starting off from the Shopping Olympia store opposite mountain station Riederalp West, we first walk to Riederfurka (either on mountain trail via Reitu or directly) and take the high trail past the picturesque Fleschu pond to the Moosfluh cable car. The path then passes the golf course and Alpine Museum, bringing us back to Riederalp West cable car station. Food: backpack picnic.

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