7. Rollibock-Trophy

09.10.2020 - 11.10.2020
Airfield, Fiesch
Address info
Fieschertalstrasse 57
3984 Fiesch
+41 79 241 23 83
+41 79 746 42 71
xandi@flug-taxi.ch www.flug-taxi.ch

A hike-and-fly experience for all

The Rollibock Trophy is far from being a serious, bitterly contested event, and much more about spending a pleasant day together, experiencing and enjoying nature.

What’s also important is that every man and woman, regardless of their fitness level and flying skills, can take part and even win!

With its simple and straightforward structure, the Rollibock Trophy offers both participants and spectators a huge amount of fun.

It starts off at the airfield in Fiesch, where each participant can choose their level of difficulty themselves: Easy, Moderate or Difficult.

No special hike-and-fly equipment is needed. Lightweight is better, of course, but not vital!

The tasks comprise relaxed bouts of flying interspersed with short hikes, romantic lift rides with refreshments and finally the flight to the target site.

From simple gliding to tactical flying with a climb up to approx. 2000 metres in altitude, it involves a bit of everything!

Would you like to take part as a participant? Information about registration will be published on flug-taxi.ch

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