52st Mineral Fair

Saal Rondo, Fiesch
Address info
Verein Mineralienbörse
Aletsch Arena
Furkastrasse 39
3983 Mörel-Filet
+41 77 490 33 96
mineralienboerse.fiesch@gmail.com www.aletscharena.ch/mineralienboerse

52nd Mineral Fair in Fiesch - Sunday, 14th July 2019
8.30 - 17.00 hrs

- Admission CHF 5.- / Children up to 16 years free of charge
- Canteen of Horli-Kultur
- Handicrafts corner for children

True to tradition, the annual Mineral Fair will be held in Fiesch on the second Sunday in July.
In the Saal Rondo multifunctional hall in Fiesch, exhibitors from all over Switzerland will be displaying and selling quartz crystals, minerals, jewellery and healing stones from the Alpine region.

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