Drawing and painting courses on the Bettmeralp

Zeichnen und Aquarell AletschArena
Drawing and watercolour painting courses on the Bettmeralp

The Aletsch Arena is a source of inspiration. It offers the opportunity to record the unique subjects and wonderful impressions in pictures. In the drawing and watercolour painting courses, you learn the appropriate basic techniques and learn more about choice of subject, image composition, colours and structures.

Courses: Basic courses for beginners and advanced students, individual advice

Number of participants: limited

Instructor: Suzanne Senn Grasso, for many years a teacher at Forum Femina, in the COOP leisure centre and at the Institute of Fashion Design at the University of Applied Sciences Basel

Prices: 8 x 2 hour lessons, CHF 350.-

Course venue:
Chalet Abendglöckli
3992 Bettmeralp
Tel + 41 61 361 99 60

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