With millions of reviews submitted every day across the world for individual establishments such as hotels, holiday apartments, etc, on countless platforms and also in many different languages, it seems almost impossible to follow this flood of review data and to be able to use it effectively.

So this is why in 2011 the tourist office Aletsch Arena Tourismus installed the software solutions TrustYou which have since enabled the tourist office to analyse reviews, comments and tweets posted online and on social media.

TrustYou develops semantic technologies designed to offer a simple, cost-effective and successful solution for tourist offices


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Awards for the ski resort Aletsch Arena – Riederalp/Bettmeralp/Fiesch Eggishorn, the largest ski resort test portal in the world, has presented the ski resort Aletsch Arena – Riederalp/Bettmeralp/Fiesch Eggishorn with 16 awards based on the test report from 2016-03-10.

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