With millions of reviews submitted every day across the world for individual establishments such as hotels, holiday apartments, etc, on countless platforms and also in many different languages, it seems almost impossible to follow this flood of review data and to be able to use it effectively.

So this is why in 2011 the tourist office Aletsch Arena Tourismus installed the software solutions TrustYou which have since enabled the tourist office to analyse reviews, comments and tweets posted online and on social media.

TrustYou develops semantic technologies designed to offer a simple, cost-effective and successful solution for tourist offices


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Winner of Best Ski Resort Award 2018 – 1st place in category “Rest and relaxation” and “Piste preparation/Piste quality”

With their participation in the renowned industry report “Best Ski Resort”, 46,000 winter sports enthusiasts have confirmed: there’s no better place in the entire Alpine region to escape the noise and stress of everyday life than the Aletsch Arena. In the category “Rest and Relaxation” the car-free tourist region took 1st place. In the other “feel-good” categories too, such as “Experience of nature”, “Authenticity and atmosphere”, the Valais ski area is up there with the best (top 5 out of 55).

The Aletsch cable cars ranked 2nd in Switzerland in the lifts/cable car categories. In the individual category “Piste preparation/Piste quality” they took 1st place in the satisfaction rankings, and 4th in “Value for money of lift passes”. They also came in 4th for “Piste safety” – out of 55 top ski regions in the entire Alpine region (D/A/CH/I/FR).



The presentation of the renowned industry awards of the “Best Ski Resort 2018” took place on 8 November. The “Best Ski Resort” study (Mountain Man-agement iZ University of Innsbruck) surveyed 46,000 winter sports enthusiasts on the pistes of 55 selected top ski areas in the Alpine region as to their satisfaction levels.

The car-free Aletsch Arena family area made it into 8th place – across all categories (D/A/CH/F/I).

In 10 other individual categories, the Swiss were rewarded with a place among the top 5:

  • Rest and relaxation (1st)
  • Piste preparation/Piste quality (1st)
  • Experience of nature (3rd)
  • Accommodation/hotels (3rd)
  • Ski schools and rental & repair services (3rd)
  • Value for money (lift passes + total) (4th/5th)
  • Piste safety (4th)
  • Authenticity and atmosphere (4th) out of 55.

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Behind the scenes: Our Pistenbully Drivers

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