Glacier flea – the little hero of the permanent ice


Hi...’s me – GLETSCHI – the glacier flea! I’m the Aletsch Arena’s mascot, and the real hero of the Great Aletsch Glacier!

Gletschi’s profile

Name Gletschi

2 millimetres

Distinguishing features

blue coat, red nose, red shoes


hiking, glacier tours, skiing, sledging and much more...

Favourite music

Favourite book

the Gletschi Book: Gletschi's Big Adventures

Favourite place to be

The Aletsch Arena

Favourite drink

glacier water

Favouirte food

deliciously nutty Swiss pine pollen

Favourite colour


Favourite item of clothing

red shoes

Best-ever experience

the Gletschi-Fest at Bettmersee lake

Ideal holiday

summer and winter at the Aletsch Arena

What others find funny about me

 I’m not actually a flea – I'm an insect

What I'm most proud of

The beautiful Aletsch Arena and all the amazing kids who take part in the activity programme

My dream

for all children to know the Gletschi Song and sing along as loud as they can

Where to find me

kid's activities, events, the Gletschi cable car on Moosfluh
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