Play parks: fun alarm!

Spielplatz Fieschertal Aletsch Arena
Play parks for young visitors to the Aletsch Arena

We love children. Which is why the Aletsch Arena has a whole host of children's play areas where active young ruffians can romp to their heart's content. Fun and adventure! 

Play parks in the Aletsch Arena

  • Riederalp fun park
  • Play park Aletschpark West / Riederalp
  • Play park “Dorfstrasse”, behind the church – Mörel-Filet
  • Play park "Teife Bach" in Mörel-Filet
  • Ried-Mörel play park
  • Play park in Greich
  • "Hobbyland" play park / on the Riederalp – Bettmeralp Panoramaweg panoramic trail
  • Baschweri play park (in the wood behind Hotel Aletsch) / Bettmeralp
  • Play park in the centre of the village (beside Hotel Alpfrieden) / Bettmeralp
  • Play park at Bettmersee lake / Bettmeralp
  • Sportzentrum Bachtla sports centre, bouncy castles / Bettmeralp
  • Children's play park at Lax schoolhouse
  • Children's play park at Fiesch schoolhouse
  • Children's play park at the schoolhouse in Fieschertal, with barbecue spots and tables
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