Brig a historic town in the heart of Valais


The South lies just over the Simplon Pass, one of the most beautiful in the Alps, while the holiday destinations of Valais are also a mere stone's throw from Brig. This central location not only makes Brig an attractive resort; the town has also had an eventful history shaped by the Celts, Romans, Alemanni and the great Kaspar Stockalper, a renowned Alpine merchant who built Stockalper Palace, one of Brig's main attractions. Beautiful patrician houses, churches and cloisters characterise the Old Town, whose shops, cafés and restaurants offer a taste of Mediterranean flair. Visitors can bathe in style in Brigerbad, the largest open-air thermal spa in the Alps.

Stockalper Palace
Brigerbad open-air spa
farmers' market
palace garden
ViaStockalper mule track

distance: approx. 20 km
one-way journey time: approx. 35 min (car) to 50 min (train)
accessible: by car or train
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