Saas-Fee holidays for all tastes


Saas-Fee has plenty to offer: 350 km of educational, themed and hiking trails featuring views of 18 peaks over 4,000 metres high. Skiers and snowboarders can not only enjoy 150 km of pistes in winter but also have fun on the Allalin Glacier in summer. Marmots that will eat carrots and peanuts out of your hand are also a rare attraction. So it's well worth paying a visit to Saas-Fee, or perhaps even becoming a citizen of this “Free Republic of Holidays”, though you might question whether the right to 300 days of sunshine every year enshrined in the “constitution” can actually be claimed. All the same, the citizens of the Republic and all of its visitors can expect plenty of highlights.

summer skiing
the world's highest revolving restaurant
the world's largest ice pavilion
the world's highest underground railway
tame marmots

distance: approx. 55 km
one-way journey time: approx. 1 h 15 min (car) to 2 h 20 min (train and bus)
accessible: by car or train and bus
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