Thermal and Wellness oasis Brigerbad


From Glacier to Spring – the unfathomable ways of water
Glaciers fulfil an important role as water reservoirs, making up for the sparse rainfall in Valais during the sunny days of summer. The meltwater of the Aletsch Glacier – at 23 kilometres the longest ice flow in the Alps and a UNESCO world cultural heritage site – represents a significant freshwater reservoir that has been channelled onto meadows and pastures via the bisse network for centuries untold. Following the wooden water channels is an inspiring, romantic and adventurous experience all at once. But it becomes all the more mysterious when the water makes its way underground through rocky chasms and crevasses, and penetrates so far down into the earth that it gets heated up, creating hot thermal springs when it once again reaches the surface. This is what happens in Brigerbad, where abundant hot springs bubble out of the rocks at temperatures of between 21 and 50 degrees Celsius at just a short distance from the Aletsch Glacier. This thermal spring water has a healing and beneficial effect on body and soul.
Follow the path of the water and enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the Aletsch Glacier before immersing yourself in the hot thermal waters of the Brigerbad spa.

Open: daily
Where: Brigerbad
distance: approx. 13 km
one-way journey time: approx. 20 min (car) to 31 min (train)
accessible: by car or train
more information:

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