Feeblitz toboggan run, Saas-Fee


On one of the highest rollercoasters in the Alps, highlights come thick and fast. The ride begins with a steep lift that pulls the single or two-seat toboggans up to the start of the run on an incline of 55%. It may feel like the descent begins at a gentle pace, but not for long. The toboggan quickly accelerates and the first adrenaline rush kicks in as you hurtle around the 360° roundabout nine metres above the ground, if not before. The breathtaking ride continues at around 40 km/h towards the notorious “jump bends” before you reach the end after about 900 m. Head for the bistro for a well-earned reward – unless you fancy another go...

Open: all year round
Where: Saas-Fee
distance: approx. 46 km
one-way journey time: approx. 1 h 15 min (car) to 2 h 5 min (train and bus)
accessible: by car or train and bus
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