Binn Valley mineral excursion


People like to call the Binn Valley the Eldorado of minerals. With nearly 200 types of minerals to be found in its various rocks, it is certainly worthy of that name. Almost no other Alpine region can boast such diversity. In terms of the valley's area, one could even say that its mineral wealth is unmatched worldwide, so with a bit of luck you may find some real rarities. Guided mineral excursions offer a chance to go in search of quartz crystals, tourmalines, fuchsite or pyrite, while educational trails and a mineral museum provide information about the region's unique mineral deposits. The public rock collection spot in the Lengenbach mine is particularly popular among families with children.

Open: summer
Where: Binn Valley
distance: approx. 20 km to Binn
one-way journey time: approx. 45 min (car) to 60 min (train and bus)
accessible: by car or train and bus
more information: mineral excursion

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