Cableway timetables

The sunny Aletsch Arena plateau is a car-free zone. Riederalp, Bettmeralp and Fiescheralp are accessed with the local valley connection cable cars.

All information on journey times to the resorts and viewpoints are available here, as are downloads of the current timetables for the Aletsch Bahnen AG.

Online Timetable


All-seasons timetables


Seasonal hours and times

Journey time

Route Journey time Time to change (for the cableway to the viewpoint)
Mörel – Greich – Riederalp 9 minutes 10 minutes
Mörel – Ried-Mörel 5 minutes
Ried-Mörel – Riederalp 8 minutes 5 minutes
Riederalp – Hohfluh 4 minutes
Riederalp – Moosfluh 7 minutes
Betten Talstation – Bettmeralp 7 minutes 20 minutes
Bettmeralp – Bettmerhorn 8 minutes
Fiesch-Fiescheralp 10 minutes 2 minutes
Fiescheralp-Eggishorn 5 minutes

Timetable Sportbus

Winter tip:
A valid ski pass or visitor's card gives you free use of the Fiesch – Ernen – Mühlebach and Fieschertal – Fiesch – Lax bus to the winter sports areas. Important: only applies if you travel in your sports gear!

Shuttle services to ski schools

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