Multi-day ski passes with summer bonus

Ski passes with summer bonus
Ski passes with summer bonus

The multi-day ski passes (from 6–21 days) for the Aletsch Arena are now even more attractive: buy yours and look forward to endless fun on the Aletsch Arena’s 104km of slopes. You also receive a voucher for the summer of 2020! You can go hiking, enjoy the view of the Great Aletsch Glacier and explore the view points. The UNESCO World Heritage site is magnificent in summer. You even get a summer bonus with the six-day ski pass’ voucher.

Free voucher on purchase of a multi-day ski pass (from 6–21 days) with special summer bonus:

  • Adults CHF 50
  • Teenagers CHF 40
  • Children CHF 25

Terms of redemption for vouchers
Online registration for vouchers

summer products of the Aletsch Bahnen AG

Summer in the Aletsch Arena. It’s a real dream! Your voucher even lets you enjoy a bit of it for free. You can use your summer bonus here, for example:

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