Multi-trip tickets – ideal for frequent travellers

Spending just one day in the Aletsch Arena simply isn't enough. If you feel the same way, we suggest that you try the multi-trip tickets from Aletsch Bahnen AG.

The multi-trip tickets offer you a choice of 6, 12 or 24 single rides to Riederalp, Bettmeralp or Fiescheralp in a single purchase. If you travel from Fiesch via Fiescheralp to the Eggishorn viewpoint, two points will be deducted. The multi-trip tickets are valid for 3 years.

Multi-trip tickets are transferable.

The Fiescheralp is a hotspot for paragliders – the multi-trip ticket is ideal for all flight enthusiasts.

Mörel – Riederalp or Betten Tal – Bettmeralp
Fiesch – Fiescheralp oder Fiescheralp – Eggishorn

Points card Aletsch

The Aletsch Arena points cards are the ideal ticket for multiple visits during the season or a longer stay in the Aletsch Arena. Preloaded with points, the cards are transferable and thus also suitable for families. A certain number of points is deducted for each trip depending on the cable car.

Points card Aletsch summer
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