Tickets and prices – the right ticket for every visitor

The Aletsch Arena is a jewel of nature and a leisure and sports paradise in both summer and winter. The cableways are a quick and convenient way to access the most liberating nature experience of the Alps.

With a wide range of tickets & prices, the cableway operators offer attractive packages for everyone coming to the Aletsch Arena: for day visitors, families, week visitors and groups. 

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Opening hours points of sale 26 October to 4 December

Mörel Monday to Friday Saturday and Sunday

06.50 - 12.15

13.15 - 17.15

07.50 - 12-15

13.15 - 17.15

Betten Talstation Monday to Thursday Friday and Saturday Sunday

07.00 - 12.30

13.30 - 17.15

06.30 - 20.15

08.00 - 12.30

13.30 - 17.45

Fiesch Wednesday and Friday

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,

Saturday and Sunday

13.15 - 17.00 closed

Payment options

We accept the following payment methods for ski passes and cable car tickets:
CHF | EUR | EC-Karte | Credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Vpay, Amex, Diners) | Postcard | Reka-Card
Reka-Checks, no change given, keycard deposits cannot be paid using Reka. 1/3 of the total cost of a group ski pass can be paid using Reka.

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