FAQ – Protective measures for Aletsch Bahnen

Staying safe around the Aletsch Arena

What are the Protection Guidelines for Aletsch Bahnen?

The prime contractors SBB and PostBus have drafted Protection Guidelines for Swiss transport companies based on the protective measures of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

These Public Transport Protection Guidelines also apply to travel with Aletsch Bahnen.

In which areas do the Protection Guidelines apply to Aletsch Bahnen?

The Public Transport Protection Guidelines apply to all travel with Aletsch Bahnen (feeder lifts and sports lifts) and the Aletsch Express (ALEX).

Is a face mask compulsory?

Duty to wear masks in cableway buildings
On 26 August the Valais Council of State decided to step up measures to protect the population against the corona pandemic. From Monday 31 August, the wearing of masks will be compulsory in Valais in all public institutions' interiors. The wearing of a hygiene mask in the cableway building will then become compulsory.

Masking obligation in public transport
By order of the Federal Council, from Monday, 6 July 2020, a nationwide mask obligation will apply in all public transport vehicles. This ordinance applies to all means of transport of the Aletsch cableways (railways, sports facilities and the Aletsch Express).

Answers to the new compulsory masking in public transport (admin)

We ask you to bring your own hygiene masks and other protective material. Individual hygiene masks can also be purchased at all Aletsch Bahnen AG sales points.
Information on the correct use of face masks can be found here.

In the event of increased passenger numbers, the feeder lifts run more frequently.

The Protection Guidelines recommend avoiding peak times. What’s the best way to do this?

In the case of the feeder lifts from the valley to the plateau, there may be increased passenger numbers during the usual rush hours on public transport. You are advised to travel outside the classic commuting times.

What measures apply when buying tickets?

The Protection Guidelines recommend buying tickets and passes online before you set off. It’s easy to book your cable car tickets in our webshop.


Tickets can also be bought from the ticket machines or ticket offices. Please use contactless payment methods if possible.

Locations of ticket machines

Ticket machines can be found at all Aletsch Bahnen valley stations.

  • Mörel: at platform level of cable car / gondola
  • Betten valley station: from the ticket offices at platform level
  • Fiesch: upper floor / platform level of MGBahn next to the ticket offices

*Mountain stations: there are ticket machines at the mountain stations, but payment is by card only. (No cash machine)

Points of sale
The current opening hours of the points of sale can be found here.

The obligation to buy a ticket still applies. Aletsch Bahnen attendants check the tickets from a distance.

How is hygiene maintained in the cable car buildings and waiting areas?

Passengers can wash their hands in the sanitary facilities in the cable-car stations. Hand-sanitiser dispensers are also provided at the ticket counters. In the waiting areas, there are markings on the floor to make it easier to observe the social distancing rules.


How are the Aletsch Bahnen facilities cleaned?

Contact surfaces (grab poles, handrails, ticket counters and ticket machines) and other surfaces are cleaned several times a day. In addition, all cabin attendants of the Aletsch Bahnen carry hand sanitiser with them.

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