"Goms Bridge" suspension bridge - Fürgangen - Mühlebach

57 tons, 92 metres above the gorge

The suspension bridge crosses the Lammaschlucht Gorge over the wild young Rhone. At 280 metres long and 1.4 metres wide, it consists of three strong suspension cables on each side, to which the lateral supports are attached every two metres. The walkway made from local larch wood offers enough space not only for hikers, but also for wheelchair users and pedestrians with bikes. To keep everyone safe, there is a wire-mesh fence on each side with a steel cable as a handrail. In Fürgangen, an underpass permits the main road to be crossed safely.

Technical data
Span 280 m
Width 1.4 m
Height 92 m
Opened 2015

The suspension bridge is open all year round.

Suggested hike

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