Once upon a time, many thousand years ago, our Aletsch glacier wanted to discover the world and set off through the Rhone valley. But no matter where it went, its cold heart still beat to the slow and warm rhythm of the mountain world. So, after the last Ice Age, the glacier returned home. Back to the “Bozen” (scary beings) and sagas, to the thousand-year-old forest, the thunderous waterfalls, and the gorgeous peaks in the Aletsch area. Why don't you go and visit it? Explore the sound of silence in the forests, drift along with the mountain breeze that takes you through the gentle scenery of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Explore the amazing beauty of the Aletsch Arena on more than 300 km (186 miles) of well signposted hiking trails.
Hiking along the Great Aletsch Glacier is definitely one of the most spectacular highlights of the region.

The hiking area is particularly diversified and offers a breathtaking view of the most beautiful 4,000 m (13,120 ft) high peaks of the Swiss Alps.

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