Become a glacier ambassador

The Great Aletsch Glacier is one of the most inspiring glacier landscapes in the world, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors to the Aletsch Arena who would like to help protect this awe-inspiring ice giant and the magnificent mountain arena can become glacier ambassadors.

It’s easy to become a Glacier Ambassador: take part in a guided glacier tour, a guided walk or a paragliding flight, and learn a host of fascinating facts and things worth knowing about the biggest glacier in the Alps. After the tour or the flight you will receive an exclusive Rollibock pin. Simply present the pin at one of the local tourist offices, and after completing a short test, you will be issued with a glacier ambassador certificate. This makes you an official glacier ambassador, and you can help to protect the magnificent mountain arena.

Our glacier ambassadors

De Lima Marcus USA
De Lima Colleen USA
Flieg Henry Schweiz
Flieg Daniel Schweiz
Veenman Hanneke Niederlande

Our glacier ambassadors - kids

Blumenthal Matthias Schweiz
Bodenmann Sarina Schweiz
Burgstallen Julia Schweiz
De Lima Lucas USA
De Lima Jessica USA
Diener Jakob Deutschland
Diener Michael Deutschland
Kern Alice Schweiz
Loretan Anna-Lena Schweiz
Malgaritta Matteo Schweiz
Roten Dean Lee Schweiz
Veenmaan Daan Niederlande
Veenmaan Emma Niederlande
Veenmaan Maud Niederlande
Zeka Alessandro Schweiz
Zenhäusern Noah Schweiz
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