Natural energy and energy spots at the viewpoints

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Aletsch Arena AG
Postfach 16
3992 Bettmeralp
+41 27 928 58 58

The mountain ridge of the Aletsch Arena is a high-energy site, as has been shown by the measurements taken by natural energy specialist Philippe Elsener. The positive energy of the Earth’s radiation is particularly strong at the Moosfluh, Bettmerhorn and Eggishorn viewpoints, where the human body can pick up the good vibrations. They exert a magnetic attraction. That’s why the Aletsch Arena features a truly special sensory experience as part of its programme: take a tour on which you learn to interact with the forces of nature! Enter into harmony with the positive energy at these spots and allow them to take effect on you and balance your mind, body and spirit!

Natural energy - learn to feel the forces of nature

Dates and meeting point: on request, by arrangement 
Duration: 1.5 hours
Guide: Monique Martig, breathing therapist 
Cost: CHF 180 per group
Numer of participants: max. 20 people
Request and registration: Aletsch Arena AG | | +41 27 928 58 58

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