Learn to yodel at a taster course

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Aletsch Arena AG
Postfach 16
3992 Bettmeralp
+41 27 928 58 58

Yodelling grounds you and has a calming effect. If you’re feeling tense, then yodelling can be incredibly liberating. Originally, yodelling enabled herders to communicate across large distances. The stringing together of syllables and rapid changes of pitch between the head and chest registers that are characteristic of yodelling were a way of conversing with one another. Today, visitors to the Aletsch Arena can also learn to yodel. At a special taster course. In the very place where yodelling becomes a particularly powerful experience: on the mountains of the Aletsch Arena, with their viewpoints, where the positive effect of the Earth’s radiation is especially strong.

Discover how clear a yodel call can sound at the energy spots on Moosfluh, Bettmerhorn and Eggishorn! You will feel closely connected to this unique landscape when yodelling, and discover how relaxing and liberating it actually is.

Yodelling taster courses at the Great Aletsch Glacier
Dates: sur demande
Duration: 14 - 16 h
Meeting place: by arragement
Guide: Yodelling Club Riederalp, Manuela Lehner-Mutter
Cost: CHF 200 per group
Number of participants: max. 20 people
Request and registration: Aletsch Arena AG | info@aletscharena.ch | +41 27 928 58 58

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