Sensory experiences in the UNESCO World Heritage Site

Sinneserlebnisse Winter
Sinneserlebnisse Winter

Enjoy the most liberating natural experience in the Alps at its most intense: that's just what the sensory experiences of the Aletsch Arena were made for. The natural phenomenon of this unique mountain landscape – including the Great Aletsch Glacier and its broad, sweeping view of the breathtaking Valais mountains – is the perfect setting for a programme of beneficial experiences and events in a magnificent natural environment.

Recharge your inner batteries at magical energy spots! Experience a totally new sense of freedom thanks to proper breathing and yodelling!

All Sensory Experience offers at a glance

  • Natural energy and energy spots at the viewpoints
    The mountain ridge of the Aletsch Arena is a high-energy site, as has been shown by the measurements taken by natural energy specialist Philippe ...
  • Learn to yodel at a taster course
    Yodelling grounds you and has a calming effect. If you’re feeling tense, then yodelling can be incredibly liberating. Originally, yodelling enabled ...
  • Breathing courses – learn to breathe consciously
    The one-hour breathing courses are accompanied by the magnificent silence and awe-inspiring mountain panorama of the Aletsch Arena. Communing with ...

Escursioni guidate in racchette da neve: Programma settimanale


Sensory experiences - Summer

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