Wildlife watching by the Great Aletsch Glacier

Wildlife watching

Do you like to get up early? Then join us on a special trip from Riederalp to the Moosfluh viewpoint. We’ll be pleased to show you the hidden spots where deer and chamois live and where marmots like to bathe in the sun. With a little luck, you’ll get to see the great diversity of fauna in the Aletsch Forest. A local employee of Aletsch Riederalp Bahnen AG will accompany you to the most beautiful sites by the Great Aletsch Glacier – in the UNESCO Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch World Heritage Site.

Wildbeobachtungen am Grossen Aletschgletscher

Jeden Donnerstag, 13. Juli – 14. September 2017 | 5. Oktober – 19. Oktober 2017

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