Old-fashioned bread baking

Brotbacken Aletsch Arena
Baking bread in the traditional bakehouse in the village of Betten

In the past, bread was an important foodstuff. People baked it themselves – and in reserve. In the village of Betten, the locals used the community bakehouse for this.

Three times during the winter and once each before and after the summer, the families heated the stone oven in the village's bakehouse in order to bake their good Valais rye bread. On such a baking day, each family would bake 30 to 45 loaves of bread weighing up to two kilos each. The loaves were stored in the home, along the Spycherwand (storage wall).

Baking in the bakehouse

Yeast was warmed in the kneading trough and then mixed with flour and lightly salted water. More water and flour was mixed in and the mixture kneaded to an airy dough. After a good two hours of rising time in the kneading trough, the dough was kneaded first in large chunks then in small quantities on the loaf bench. Once the dough had reached the desired consistency, two kilo loaves of bread were shaped and placed on the roughly four metre long bread shovel and put in the hot oven.

The oven at the bakehouse in Betten is still heated from time to time today. As a result, you have the opportunity to bake your own Valais rye bread according to the old traditions.

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