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Villa Cassel AletschArena
Pro Natura Center

The Pro Natura Center Aletsch has devoted itself to protecting the environment in the Aletsch Arena with its unique flora and fauna. Exhibitions, events, guided excursions and much more make a visit to Villa Cassel on the Riederfurka a rewarding and educational experience.

Events and exhibitions at the Pro Natura Center

"Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site" permanent exhibition
An exciting journey of discovery through the World Heritage Site with interesting background information about UNESCO, the World Heritage Convention and the unique landscape around the Great Aletsch Glacier.

"Bearded vultures – acrobats of the air" special exhibition
Originally thought to have been wiped out, the bearded vulture has now been successfully reintroduced to the Alps. This special exhibition is dedicated to the area's largest native bird of prey, which impresses with more than just its imposing size and its elegant flight.

"Multifaceted Aletsch" multimedia show
The show presents the fascinating world of the Aletsch region, with contrasting landscapes in a small area and an astonishing variety of plants and animals. Length: 16 minutes. Languages: German and French.

Alpine garden & discovery trail
Here, you can discover and investigate more than 300 types of plant as well as the various habitats of the natural and cultural landscape. Best time for a visit to the alpine garden: June to September.

Book a tour of the Pro Natura Center's alpine garden! This is the best way to learn about the plant world in the Aletsch Arena.

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